Hakka What? Excuse me….

Hakka Noodles.  Sounds like something you would say when someone sneezes!!  Anywho….I had a whole head of cauliflower hanging around in my fridge – so decided to give this recipe a try.  Not many ingredients…comes together really fast….LOVE THAT!  One thing you will notice – there is no cilantro in the picture to the right over there.  That’s right – sorry cilantro lovers – but I am one of those folks that is genetically predisposed to hate cilantro.  Seriously – it’s a thing – look it up.  Apparently I am in the 4-14% of the population who share a group  of olfactory-receptor genes, called OR6A2, that pick up on the smell of aldehyde chemicals. Aldehyde chemicals are found in both cilantro and soap!!  So…no cilantro for me!

Ok – let’s starts cookin!  Let me start by saying….I’m SO GLAD I made the switch to stainless steel cookware.  I was scared at first….but I wanted to get away from non-stick.  (Lots of reasons….everything from worrying that the nonstick coating was going to flake off and cause doom to just thinking I look cooler using stainless….like a real chef).  Either way – I love these pots!  When my cooking gets a little crazy ( and it often does) I just let them soak in some hot soapy water – -then a little Barkeepers Friend -and viola!  Done!  So back to Hakka (excuse me) Noodles.  Get the cauliflower in there and get tossing.  I always have a little glass of water next to the stove so as I’m sautéing…I can deglaze the pan if things start to stick (see – it’s those fancy stainless steel pots…I sound like a chef….”deglaze”…hee hee hee).  So…go ahead…crank up the heat and get all those veggies in there!

So I started by boiling the rice noodles.  These little suckers cook up pretty fast.  They also stick together like crazy once they are cooked. DON’T go adding a bunch of oil….we are limiting that remember!!!  Just let them hang out in the strainer while you cook up the rest of the goodies.  Once you are ready to add them back to the dish….run some cold water over them and just get on in there with your fingers to separate the pieces.  It’s okay – you can admit it – that was fun.

Almost done….see….wasn’t that FAST!  Go ahead and toss your noodles in the pan with the veggies (after you played with them a bit and got them out of a big clump in the strainer) and dump in your sauce.  I guess I forgot to talk about the sauce….ooops….just mix all the stuff together.  See…I didn’t want to insult your intelligence …you know who to mix up a sauce!  Let it all heat through and garnish with …..remember now….I’m in the special 4-14%…..so I’m gonna skip the garnish.  Cilantro lovers….garnish away.  Either way….this is fast, yummy, and fun.  ENJOY!!!!

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